Addiction Unplugged uses powerful and meaningful content, a hopeful message, powerful and determined community of people, organizations and companies and the power of television and media to change the narrative regarding addiction, recovery and mental health.

Addiction Unplugged works with socially-responsible people, corporations and organizations that are good corporate citizens, a valuable asset for their communities in which they are located and serve and provide a positive and kind corporate culture for their employees.

We are honored to associated with great companies including Leidos, My Pillow and Monumental Sports & Entertainment.


Our goals are simple and doable:

  • reduce the stigma and shame attached to addiction and mental health;

  • encourage communities and corporations to foster a caring working and living environment so when people need help, they can reach out without fear of judgement and without fear of losing their employment;

  • provide seamless access to awareness, education and prevention programs so everyone in the community knows about the available resources and solutions, where they go when they need help and how they can prevent the problem before it appears;

  • as a community of consumers, encourage companies to change the stance on addiction and mental health and help their employees and the consumers that they serve.

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