The goal of ADDICTION UNPLUGGED is to humanize addiction and recovery so the stigma and shame of addiction will fade away.  ADDICTION UNPLUGGED shows the human side of addiction through the real stories and real emotions of those that struggled in the past and those professionals that are saving lives every day.

ADDICTION UNPLUGGED travels from city to city and tackles topics and issues centering about addiction and recovery.  Once addiction is relatable to the general public, we, as a community, will come up with solutions so 72,000+ “sons and daughters” do not have to die each year.

ADDICTION UNPLUGGED was created by Stuart Goffman (a veteran of the substance abuse industry) and hosted by Ben Stone (a charismatic motivational speaker/rapper that works with addicts every day).

ADDICTION UNPLUGGED is produced by the Emmy-winning production team of Allen J. West and Brandon Dumlao. Combined credits include: GIVE, currently on NBC (winner of 2017 Day-time Emmy), Mike Tyson Event Series on Fox Sports (#1 rated show on the network in 2014), VH1 Rock docs ATL: The Untold Story of Atlanta’s Rise in the Rap Game, VH1 Behind The Music: Ludacris, and Shark Week Series Day of the Shark for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.


Ben Stone, Host

Ben Stone is a Life Coach and Motivational Speaker who believes in the collective and individual potential of humanity. Every year, Ben spends over 1,000 hours speaking to struggling addicts on how to break free from their addiction. With his depth of knowledge in the fields of psychology, philosophy, and theology combined with his ability to rap, break dance, and perform spoken word poetry, Ben is able to deliver the most profound messages in a unique, “down to earth” way. Those who have heard Ben speak call him the Tony Robbins of the millennial generation. They are mesmerized by his ability to penetrate their hearts and stimulate their minds at the same time.


Stuart Goffman, Creator, Executive Producer

Stuart was the Founder of a premier drug and alcohol treatment center and worked nationally for 6 years with his clients and his clients’ families, addicts, families and loved ones of addicts, people in recovery, substance abuse advocacy and support organizations and experts in the substance abuse field. Based on his first-hand experiences and relationships in the addiction field, Stuart created ADDICTION UNPLUGGED to humanize addiction and recovery so the public can see addiction from different point of view.


Allen J. West, Director, Executive Producer

Allen, was the producer for Mike Tyson’s event series which aired on Fox Sports July 10th 2014 and was the #1 rated show on the network that year.  Additionally, Allen is the Director, Executive Producer of the Nehemiah Project, a TV mini-series examining the Foster Care system set to air globally Q1 of 2019, and is also the Creative Producer the TV series titled GIVE that aired weekly on NBC in 2016 and 2017.  Give won the 2017 Daytime Emmy award for Outstanding Children’s or Family Viewing Series at the 44th annual awards program.


Brandon Dumlao, Editor, Executive Producer

Brandon was the cinematography and executive producer of VH1 Rock docs ATL: The Untold Story of Atlanta’s Rise in the Rap Game, the editor of Behind The Music: Ludacris and the editor and executive producer of Real Change: Artists For Education that aired on CBS, the editor and animator on the theatrical documentary Far Out Isn’t Far Enough: and post-production supervisor for the successful “Shark Week” series Day of the Shark for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.