ADDICTION UNPLUGGED’s purpose is to change the narrative regarding addiction, recovery and mental health. By humanizing addiction and recovery and showing inspirational stories of hope and second chances, we hope to reduce stigma and shame of those who need help so more people will have the courage to ask for help.

ADDICTION UNPLUGGED was created and executive produced by Stuart M. Goffman (a veteran of the substance abuse industry) with the Emmy-winning production team of Allen J. West and Brandon Dumlao of Subculture Filmworks.

Combined credits include: GIVE, currently on NBC (winner of 2017 Daytime Emmy), Mike Tyson Event Series on Fox Sports (#1 rated show on the network in 2014), VH1 Rock docs ATL: The Untold Story of Atlanta’s Rise in the Rap Game, VH1 Behind The Music: Ludacris, and Shark Week Series Day of the Shark for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.


Team Leaders

The collective minds that are shedding light on America’s darkest problems.


Stuart M. Goffman

Creator, Executive Producer

Stuart was the Founder of a premier drug and alcohol treatment center and worked nationally for 6 years with his clients and his clients’ families, addicts, families and loved ones of addicts, people in recovery, substance abuse advocacy and support organizations and experts in the substance abuse field.

Based on his first-hand experiences and relationships in the addiction field, Stuart created ADDICTION UNPLUGGED to humanize addiction and recovery and to show stories of hope so people can see addiction from a different point of view.


Allen West

Director, Executive Producer

Allen was the Creative Producer of the TV series titled GIVE which aired weekly on NBC in 2016 and 2017. Give won the 2017 Daytime Emmy award for Outstanding Children’s or Family Viewing Series at the 44th annual awards program.

Allen is currently the Executive Producer and Supporting Actor of a SAG Independent full-length motion picture titled Life, Love, Soul which aired on BET October 12, 2018.


Brandon Dumlao

Director, Executive Producer

Brandon was the cinematography and executive producer of VH1 Rock docs ATL: The Untold Story of Atlanta’s Rise in the Rap Game, the editor of Behind The Music: Ludacris and the editor and executive producer of Real Change: Artists For Education that aired on CBS, the editor and animator on the theatrical documentary Far Out Isn’t Far Enough: and post-production supervisor for the successful “Shark Week” series Day of the Shark for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.


Dr. Jaynee Poulson

Jaynee is the Vice President of Community Engagement and brings Addiction Unplugged into the communities while working on the strategic development of this A&E series.

Her recent TEDx on how to give pain a REAL purpose was inspired by the Surgeon General’s call to action asking America for help with an “urgent health crisis” along with her desire to have open discussions to help remove stigmas around mental health.

She has an Executive Leadership certificate from Cornell University, is a nationally certified Professional Parent Trainer, and she is a Master Fundraiser that works with communities to give back to nonprofits. She teaches feminism at the University, continues to volunteer in the youth detention center and Utah State Prison for the REAL Transition for Women program she piloted. Poulson worked with schools as a k-12 comprehensive guidance counselor, served on the state PTA board as the Health Commissioner, and has worked as a licensed mental health counselor in treatment centers specializing in addiction, and eating disorders treating thousands of girls, and their families.


Sean Reyes

Sean is the Utah Attorney General and is the narrator and provides expert commentary for Addiction Unplugged.

Sean is a national expert in combatting the opioid epidemic and a leading authority on policies and programs to lift people out of the cycle of addiction. He has seen up close and personally the human and economic toll from America’s opioid crisis.

As Attorney General for the State of Utah, Reyes has been on the front lines of the war on opioids; leading lawsuits against those accused of creating the opioid epidemic; supervising law enforcement efforts to combat foreign and domestic drug suppliers and dealers; prosecuting rogue physicians who overprescribe and pharmacies that overfill; deploying life saving measures like Naloxone; engaging technology and awareness programs to empower communities to protect themselves; and collaborating with recovery, treatment and education services to bring hope and healing to addicts and their families.