ADDICTION UNPLUGGED is a well-timed follow-doc that travels across the country taking a compelling look inside the world of addiction and recovery in the midst of the worst opioid epidemic in US history. 

The show highlights unique genres within the addiction world and shines a light on everyday people who are doing phenomenal work to help the addicts and the communities they live in. 

The episodes feature first-hand accounts from the perspectives of the addicts in recovery, their loved ones whose lives have been ripped apart, the mentors and a handful of cutting-edge treatment centers.  

Season One of ADDICTION UNPLUGGED is an education, awareness, prevention, and solutions-based campaign that chronicles how some of the most significant organizations in the private and public sector are battling this epidemic and also brings to light some inspirational stories of people in recovery (“the human side of addiction”). 

Each episode of ADDICTION UNPLUGGED will have a specific theme ranging from: Ohio - Ground Zero of the Epidemic; Couples in Recovery; Pregnant and Addicted; Sports and Addiction; Military and Veterans; Music and Recovery; First Responders; LGBT and Recovery; and a one-hour “Solutions” block featuring some of the nation’s top business leaders and non-profit organizations.


Prominent personalities, such as ex-NBA all-stars Jayson Williams and Chris Mullin, one of rock's greatest showmen Steven Tyler, Jessica Schwarzkopf, the daughter of the legendary General “Stormin Norman” Schwarzkopf, and a host of prominent CEO’s from some of the country’s most influential companies make appearances in the episodes.